Coffee Co-Mission

Oakley Artisan roasters is proud to support Coffee Co-Mission with their goal of “bringing coffee farmers and roasters closer together and support both in every way we can, so that we can help to elevate the coffee experience for every coffee drinker. We focus on the consumer's experience because it's the votes they make with their hard earned cash that have the final say in creating change for the farmers. Roasters can't do it alone”

We will work hard to help take the next steps in the process of elevating the coffee experience from farmers to consumers, while supporting full transparency.


Seasonal Offerings


90% Typica; 10% Catuai; Clean; rich milk chocolate and burnt sugar; touch of papaya; medium acidity;


Honduras Los Duraznos

Red Catuai; Ihca 90; Sweet; milk chocolate with a white chocolate finish; hint ofraspberry; medium acidity; smooth