Our Coffee


Our Signature Offerings

Brazilian Sal De Minas

Toasted pecan and brown sugar come through in this bold South American coffee and are complimented by faint notes of black raspberry.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Hints of ripe berries come together with a delightful brightness and creamy body to give this coffee a unique character.

Guatemalan Santa Rosa

Dark chocolate, butter, green and black teas, floral, brown sugar. Sweet, lively acidity, smooth body.

Organic Mexican El Chorro- Out of Stock

Candied lime with a dash of freshly ground nutmeg beautifully compliment the sweet maple character of this high grown coffee. 

Our Selected Offerings 

Papua New Guinea- out of Stock

Roasted slightly darker than a traditional medium roast to pull out all of the delicious milk chocolate and subtle caramel flavors possible.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Full body with molasses sweetness,  with subtle black tea undertone and suprising hints of rose petals.

Ethiopian Sidamo

Explosions of raspberry with a light acidic finish.

Organic Nicaraguan

A slightly acidic, nutty coffee with subtle hints of vanilla.

Signature Blends

Oakley Blend

A middle of the road kind of coffee crafted to be simultaneously approachable and decidedly delicious.

Blue Hour Blend

Mellow honeydew and cherry licorice mingle with faint flowery aromas for a sanity smooth finish and a supremely satisfying cup of coffee.

Queen City Espresso

Crafted for brewing espresso with wonderfully intense notes of stone fruit, sweet caramel and delightful crema- this coffee can also be used to brew a nice strong cup of joe.

Moka Java

Smooth undertones of milk chocolate followed by subtle undertones of cherry and hazelnut in every sip.

Sunset Blend 

Bright notes of tangerine and hibiscus front this beautifully balanced cup. Subtle hints of cherry and Sunflower seeds are sure keep your tastes buds tantalized throughout your day.

Decaf Coffee

Brazilian 17/18

Everything there is to love about our Brazilian, just without the caffeine. 

Italian Roast

Dark, single origin decaffeinated coffee.

Flavored Coffee

Vanilla Cream 

Robust and soothing, this coffee delights with the relaxing flavor and aroma of creamy vanilla that inspires thoughts of delicious vanilla soft serve.


This is a delightful Brazilian, with creamy caramel flavors.

Highlander Grogg

Delicate, ultra- smooth body with notes of butterscotch cream pie.


The smoothest roasted vanilla nut flavor a hazelnut coffee has to offer.

 Spiced Almond Toffee - Almost GOne!

Indulge in everything this creamy coffee has to offer with bright notes of caramel and almond.


A surprising and smooth blueberry flavor.

Cinnamon Hazelnut

A smooth and creamy cinnamon with a subtle hazelnut finish.

Chocolate Rasberry

A deliciously fruity raspberry flavor, with a smooth chocolate finish.